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Coining’s 22 to 175-ton presses produce components as small as .003” square to as large as 4” square holding tight tolerances up to +-.0005”. With a variety of high-speed press strokes, Coining produces complex, custom components, at a rate of up to 1000 parts per minute. Coining’s experienced tool and die department produces and maintains its own carbide progressive precision dies in house to ensure longevity and repeatability.

Coining’s secondary presses have the capabilities to deep draw, form, and coin parts as well as pierce and shave holes. The single and multi-stroke presses allow for more control when manufacturing complex geometries.

Coining MFG can stamp parts made out of a variety of different materials including Kovar, Nickel, Alloy-52 , Copper, Alloy-42, Alumel, Stainless Steel, Chromel, CRS, and Titanium.