Coining MFG LLC provides a wide range of products which are used in the medical products market. We provide metal stamped and coined components which are widely used in medical equipment and microelectronic applications for controllers, converters and power applications.

We are a long-term supplier of battery covers and seals to the implantable medical devices market including pacemakers.

Our product capabilities include assemblies and bases for surgical stapling and repair products used in arthroscopic and robotic surgical implements. We have provided titanium and stainless steel components for orthopedic implants. CTI typically manufactures components using materials such as Stainless Steel, CRS, Tungsten, Titanium and other high-quality metals.

We have partnered with many companies to meet the requirements of the medical product market. Our ISO 9001:2008-certified, vertically integrated company stands ready to meet the needs of our clients, and welcomes the opportunity to lend our manufacturing expertise to all markets.