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Progressive Die Stamping

For over 60 years Coining MFG has been providing precision metal stamping services to all major industries. We can produce small to high volume stamped parts with materials as thin as .003” and as thick as .187” and are capable of holding tolerances as tight as ±.0005” on many of the features.

Coining MFG designs, manufactures and assembles all of the progressive stamping tools in-house. All tools are also maintained in-house by our experienced toolroom staff.

Progressive Stamping Services

  • Stamping materials from .003” to .187” in thickness
  • Width up to 6”
  • Feed length up to 6”
  • Stamping speeds up to 150 strokes per minute
  • Over 12 presses ranging from 20 to 160 tons
  • Deburring and tumbling processes:
    • Barrel tumbling
    • High energy tumbling
    • Vibratory tumbling