Producing high quality products is our primary goal at Coining MFG LLC. Based on more than 60 years of manufacturing experience and expertise, we strive every day to improve our processes and ship to our customers products with quality levels exceeding expectations.

We begin at the earliest stages of the quotation or purchase order process, ensuring through constant communication that the requirements of the product are understood. Drawings and specifications are thoroughly reviewed and discussed by Engineering, QA, Manufacturing and Purchasing. Clarification is sought from the customer where necessary, and any necessary exceptions or deviations are requested in writing at the time of quotation.

ISO9001 certificate
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After receipt of a purchase order and the beginning of the manufacturing process, parts are monitored and processes analyzed by our skilled, experienced technical staff throughout the production cycle utilizing statistical process control. State-of-the-art optical measuring equipment is used to ensure reproducibility. Data collection for both in-process and final inspection establishes traceability for all products produced.

Customized software for tool verification and the design and fabrication of tools and fixtures for the inspection of complex geometric designs and shapes are also used in our processes.

Coining MFG LLC is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company