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Progressive Die Stamping

As the company name suggests, Coining MFG has been a world leading supplier of precision coined metal components for over 60 years. Progressive coining of metal components ensures high process repeatability, while maintaining the tightest tolerances and improved efficiency, leading to shorter lead times and lower manufacturing costs. We can supply precision coined parts from a wide selection of materials including Kovar, Stainless Steel, Cold Rolled Steel, Copper, Thermocouple Alloys, Nickel, and many more. All of our progressive coining tools are designed, manufactured, assembled, and maintained in-house by our experienced team of tool and die makers.

We can produce small to high volume stamped parts with materials as thin as .003” and as thick as .187” and are capable of holding tolerances as tight as ±.0005” on many of the features.


Progressive Stamping Services

  • Stamping materials from .003” to .187” in thickness
  • Width up to 6”
  • Feed length up to 6”
  • Stamping speeds up to 150 strokes per minute
  • Over 12 presses ranging from 20 to 160 tons
  • Deburring and tumbling processes:
    • Barrel tumbling
    • High energy tumbling
    • Vibratory tumbling
Metal Stamping CNC Swiss Screw Machining EDM Kovar Inconel Alumel Chromel Stainless Steel Aerospace Military Defense Medical Progressive Die Single Operation Die
Kovar TO Header Metal Stamping Progressive Die
Metal Stamping Progressive Die Copper Kovar Hermetic Packages
Progressive Die Stamping Hermetic Packages
Progressive Die Stamping Hermetic Packages